welcome to my blog! thanks for all your support and i hope through this blog you can experience part of my trip to panama :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The weekend!

Saturday we had all day off so after breakfast and hand washing our clothes for the first time. Which is a lot of work I might add! We headed out just us 5 North American girls to the mall and the old city. After a 30 minute bus ride into the city we arrived at Albrook mall. The bus rides are quite the experience in itself. Old school buses painted with bright colours and interesting designs, some with lights, some with blaring music and all packed way too full. Mostly everyone stares as we try to find seats, which is nearly impossible. When we arrived at the mall we took a 10 minute taxi ride to Casca Antigua otherwise known as the old city. The buildings and view of the city were beautiful and it is most defiantly a tourist spot. We walked through the city looking at the architecture and the little shops. For lunch we stopped at a quaint pizza cafe where we enjoyed excellent pizza and fresh squeezed juice. After looking around there we headed back to the mall. The mall is huge, but filled with similar stores, mostly cheap department stores. Karli and I bought cellphones since they are so cheap and we can buy prepaid cards. After eating dinner at the food court we headed back to the base since were not allowed to be out after dark. It was a lovely day where we all got to explore and bond.

Heres a picture from Casca Antigua. Too bad my eyes are closed.

Today we had class since the teacher is here Sunday-Thursday this week. Our teachers name is Mike Breininger, he is a pastor from Wisconsin. He is also a long term YWAM Panama supporter and has taught here every year. In class today we heard his testimony which was really impacting and tomorrow we will start on his week long series 'Recovering From The Fall'.

Also this week the base is packed with people! There are 2 groups here for a week; one group from Wisconsin participating in Mission Adventures which is a week long outreach program that they run here at the base and the other group is a smaller group, im not sure where they're from or what they're doing.  Anyways we had a week where it was just 9 people here from my program and now there's 22 girls sleeping in the dorm which is quite the adjustment.


  1. Kayla, it sounds like you're having an amazing time. I knew you'd find stuff to blog about. Keep it up!

    God bless,

  2. Kayla, it's so fun to read you blog and try to imagine what you are doing and what you are experiencing! Good for you for washing your clothes by hand! Now you know what most women in the world do and how laborious it is. Barry adds, "AND men", but I still think this is usually women's work in most of the world. Take care, we are praying for you and we know that God is with you.

  3. It sounds really hard but at the same time will be awesome! I will not complain about how long the laundry takes anymore.

    It is raining so hard today in Vancouver and my socks are wet - Just letting you know what you are missing.

  4. Finally on line Kayla, to read of your adventures and to remind you that we are praying for you, often. Loved your profile photo!! Love your profile verse, Newsboys do a wonderful rendition with that one... Go with God into the adventure!
    love from us all,
    PS My socks are wet too Sydney, from biking home.

  5. :) thanks everyone. and right now its dry in panama so im lucky, but in april rainy season starts and goes till decemeber! hopefully by the time i get back in june vancouver will be nice and dry!

  6. Your first touristy trip sounds like fun. I am glad to hear that you are starting to get used to things there and learning such amazing stuff about God.
    I was just thinking about you when I saw some plantains in the supermarket!
    take care and talk to you soon