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Sunday, February 20, 2011

This week John and Christina will be teaching on ethno-arts and redeeming cultures. We will also be heading on a mini outreach to a local village called San Juan. We will be spending 4 days there helping the community. YWAM has had a strong relationship with this tribe and has visited many times. They have a desire to have a church planted so we will be working towards that, we have also prepared some story telling and a drama. Here is an episode of the tribe were going to from a MTV show Exiled where they send super sweet sixteen kids to remote villages in different countries. In a lot of ways the tribe will be like this, but reality tv is also not always complete reality, so keep that in mind while watching, some of it has been cut to seem more dramatic.

enjoy :) http://www.mtv.ca/tvshows/video_content.jhtml?cid=1599300&id=9677

here are some pictures of what i've been up to...
Love & Miss you all,
a Panamanian family in my DTS
the 'lung of the city' metropolitan park

Alison's 21st birthday
cooking in the kitchen

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  1. Hey Kayla,

    Do you get to sling a machete and hack down plaintain trees too? Very eye-opening. And to think this is women's work!!?

    Thanks for sharing and giving some perspective on the tribe you're visiting.