welcome to my blog! thanks for all your support and i hope through this blog you can experience part of my trip to panama :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekly Schedule

For those of you who are wondering what I will be doing with 12 weeks of my time at the YWAM Panama base, here is a typical schedule Monday-Friday:

7AM Breakfast
7:30AM Personal Devotions
8:30AM Worship or Intercession
9:45AM Class
1:00PM Lunch
2:00PM Class or Small Group Time
3:30PM Work Duties ( Alison and I are assigned to making dinner)
6:00PM Dinner
10:00 Lights Out

So that's my weekly schedule give or take a couple things. Lots of spare time in the evenings which we'll have to find something to fill it with. Weekends we basically have all day off except for church on Sundays.

Today we were assigned small groups. I was put in Christina's group, so its me and 4 other Americans, and Christina who is also American. We talked about expectations and fun things we could do to bond. I'm pretty excited because we are planning on baking, watching movies, hanging out at her house (which isn't on the base), hiking, shopping and just spending time with other girls.

As for work duties dinner prep was one of the duties I requested. Me and my bunk neighbour Alison will be preping dinner Monday to Friday. Alex one of the staff members here will teach us all the recipes, some Panamanian and some not.

Anyways I think that's all for now. Love & Miss you all.



  1. Cool, your schedule sounds a lot like a camp schedule. I'm glad you're getting a chance to get to know the other people (even though they're american...haha just kidding - I'm sure Joe and Heidi are going to read this comment and get mad at me!) That's neat that you get to work in the kitchen and learn how to make Panamanamananian food, is the the chef guy from panama?

  2. yeah its good. and the chef is from panama so hopefully i will retain some of his cooking skills... so far i have learned they cook cucumbers? and that the vegetable quality isn't as high here :P