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Monday, March 14, 2011


I am super excited to finally announce our plans for outreach! The group I am in consists of Alison, Jessica & Lucas, David, Gerardo and I. It will be led by John & Kristina Henry with their kids Natalie and Asher. Here is an outline of where we will be working and what our focuses in those areas will be:

Our focus is West Panama & Ngobe Reservation

-1 week in Panama City Chinatown:
building relationships, storytelling, teaching english & spanish, visiting families and bible studies

-2 weeks at the new YWAM Panama base in Chiriqui:

construction, orphanage visiting and building relationships

-1 week at the Costa Rica YWAM base
supporting the people there and working with the surrounding Bribri tribes

-1 week at the  Bocas del Torro:
 refreshing the current missionaries, storytelling and community development

-2 weeks on the Ngobe reservation:
storytelling, supporting the local missionaries, supporting the local church & working at the school.

Please pray for our group and the work we will be doing :) if you have a question i'll try my best to answer!

love & miss you all

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