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Friday, March 25, 2011

2 weeks till outreach!

I cannot believe that I am leaving for outreach in 2 weeks! I am half way done the school which means only 10 weeks left in Panama! This week we were challenged a lot by our teacher Christian who spoke about conflict resolution. I have learned a lot, and hopefully I can successfully put it into practice. I learned that conflicts are part of life, and unavoidable. They need to be dealt with to move on and build stronger relationships with the people around you. I also learned that when confronting conflicts everything has to be out of love and sincerity. Conflicts are an opportunity to glorify God. I've been challenged this week to confront some of the conflicts in my life, big or small because holding on to that unforgiveness only creates bitterness towards the person and the situation. *note: this is a work in progress*

This week we have also started preparing for outreach, going over some of the things we will be doing and researching about the people groups. We are expected to know common phrases in 4 languages: Spanish, Bribri, Ngobe and Cantonese! Here is our letter to let you know what we will be doing:

love & miss you all

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  1. that's great that you're learning cantonese, now we can converse!