welcome to my blog! thanks for all your support and i hope through this blog you can experience part of my trip to panama :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

week 11

Sorry I haven't been updating much but right now we are fairly busy preparing for outreach! Next week is the last week of classes and Thursday-Saturday we will be going to Tulio's village on the northern side of Panama. Then Monday is officially our first day of outreach and although my team will be staying on base the first week while we minister in Panama City the other teams are leaving. :( Tomorrow is a busy day as our teams will be splitting up to go to 3 different churches and raise funds for outreach which is still not paid for.

Last week Chris and Vanessa Collins who are staff here taught about "Making Plans and Setting Goals." It was a great to just focus on what our goals are for outreach and for life! We talked about values and principles and made a personal mission statement and then we made a group mission statement. Our groups is:

Reality (sharing the reality of Jesus Christ)
Relationships (building relationships with others and God)
Release (releasing people from religious bondage)

So that's our outreach group's mission statement for the 7 weeks and were all pretty excited to see what God has in store for us!

love & miss you all,