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Monday, April 18, 2011

Outreach update

So we have officially completed one week of outreach, six more to go! This first week we worked with the Chinese community in Panama. We ate lots of Chinese food, talked to lots of Chinese people and had a great time. My favorite was leading a few of the church youth groups, we really connected with the kids and were sad to say goodbye :( Its so encouraging to see the Chinese churches of Panama working together and being unified. They have some great plans for the Chinese church in Panama. Here are some pictures from this week:

chinese park

lots of chinese food!

chinese youth group
 Tomorrow we leave for an 8 hour bus ride half way across the country. Our schedule has been modified a bit, instead of going to Tugri Ngobe Comarka for 2 weeks at the end of our trip it will be split into two parts. So tomorrow we will arrive there and stay for 5 days and then we will return again for the last week of our outreach. We will be visiting people and possibly working with the school there so please pray for our ministry and the language barriers! I'm super excited, hopefully I will post again possibly half way through outreach.

love & miss you all

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